FBR announces relief on vehicle ‘transfer fee’ for tax filers


LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is considering a hike in the vehicle transfer fee of for those who haven’t filed tax returns yet, in a bid to tighten their grip on tax evaders.

According to the FBR, transfer fee will be waived off for those who have filed tax returns for the fiscal year 2017-18 on 850cc vehicles. On the other hand, non-filers will pay Rs5000 as transfer fee. Likewise, tax-filers are to pay Rs5000 as transfer fee on purchase of 1000cc vehicle, non-filers will pay Rs 15000.

Similarly, on 1300cc vehicles, tax-filer would pay Rs7500 as transfer fee and non-filers will pay Rs25000. Meanwhile the transfer tax on 3000cc vehicles will be Rs25000 for filers, whereas for non-filer it will be Rs2.70 lacs.