PM Abbasi suggests committee to probe Gulalai claims


Imran welcomes PM’s decision of forming committee to probe Gulalai’s allegations

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Friday stressed the need for a special investigative committee of the National Assembly to look into the allegations hurled by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s former member Ayesha Gulalai against Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Abbasi expressed that the issue relates to two lawmakers and to uphold the sanctity of the house, it needed to be resolved within the house.

He proposed the formation of a committee which would probe the matter without publicising anything giving a fair chance to both the accuser and Imran Khan before presenting its report to the house.

He assured both the accused and the accuser they would be respected, adding that the PTI chief had the “right to defend himself”.

Reacting to PM’s suggestion, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan welcomed Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s call for the formation of a special committee to investigate the allegations of harassment levelled against him by MNA Ayesha Gulalai.

Imran Khan, who was talking to a private TV channel, said he ‘welcomes the formation of a commission to probe into the matter’. He also said that he would not like to comment on the matter due to it being of delicate in nature.

Khan denied sending gulalai any text messages and challenged the proposed committee to find those messages.

“But at the same time, I would also want the proposed commission to investigate the texts of PML-N leader Amir Muqam — particularly those sent to Gulalai’s father.”

Imran Khan also called to check the phone records of the owner of a media house ‘so as to make it clear why the issue was raised after four years’.

He demanded an across the board probe into the matter.

“They [the PML-N] are disgusting people, Benazir was my friend but everyone knows what the PML-N did to Nusrat Bhutto, Jemima and how they dragged Seeta White for their own political gains,” said Imran Khan.

“They are the worst people on the face of the earth and I will chase them till my last breath. They are shameless people,” said Imran Khan.

NA calls for bi-partisan body to probe Gulalai’s allegations

The National Assembly also passed on Friday a resolution calling for the formation of a committee to probe MNA Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan.

The resolution, put forward by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Arfa Khalid, called for the committee to hold in-camera proceedings over the issue and submit its investigation report in a month. The speaker has been asked to form the committee and include members of both treasury and opposition benches in it.

The resolution was supported by the PML-N, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). PTI members were not present in the assembly when the resolution was taken up. The prime minister, in his address in the assembly earlier, also called for the formation of such a committee as ‘matters of the house should be dealt with in the house’.

During the session, women lawmakers also spoke on the issue. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s Naeema Kishwar called for presenting the report of the inquiry committee in Parliament. PPP’s Nafeesa Shah stressed holding an unemotional debate on the issue and wondered why the PTI was overreacting so much.

“In our society a woman who rises up for her rights faces allegations herself,” she said. PML-N’s Marvi Memon said Ayesha has shown courage to come out and speak. “I can say on oath that what she has said is 100 per cent true. She’s not the only one to have faced this, and by coming out she is giving strength to others who are still quiet,” she said. PTI’s Shireen Mazari said if Ayesha has proof, she should bring it forward.

Mazari also lashed out at the ‘defenders of women’, saying where were they when PML-N’s Khawaja Asif used foul language against her on the floor of the assembly.

Earlier, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi directed the Islamabad Police chief to provide 24-hour protection to MNA Ayesha Gulalai. Speaking in the National Assembly after chairing a cabinet meeting of the newly-sworn-in federal and state ministers, Khaqan said that he made the decision after seeing news reports of threats against Gulalai. “Have never seen such an incident in my 30-year political career,” said the premier. The prime minister further added that he respects both the accuser, as well as the person against whom the allegations were being levelled.

Gulalai seeks security after life threats

Aisha Gulalai has also sought security from interior ministry on having received life threats.

Aisha Gulalai in a letter addressed to interior ministry had taken plea Friday that she was receiving life threats and acid throwing threats. In this situation she can be attacked upon any time. Therefore, interior ministry should provide her security for the sake of protection of her life, she requested.

The PM called for an in-camera parliamentary inquiry committee to probe the issue. Former PTI leader Gulalai has written a letter to the interior secretary, seeking security in light of ‘threats’ against her. According to sources, Gulalai said her life was in danger and she was being threatened after her damning disclosures against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. She also mentioned she was threatened with acid attacks on social media.

Talking to a private news channel, Gulalai said she has been getting calls on her phone saying ‘we won’t forgive you’, claiming a provincial minister also called and threatened her. Gulalai, earlier this week, levelled serious allegations of sexual harassment against PTI chief along with allegations of marginalisation of women in the party and corruption.


  1. In one stroke Abbassi son of Khaqan has shown his sinister priorities. Again it is Divine Intervention which put Abbassi on such evil track. Now I think it is worthwhile to investigate Nawaz Kim Baker affair too. Why a PM of a Muslim Country embarrasses the People of Pakistan with his indiscretions !

  2. let us try to put this matter in a proper context. This is an issue between two grown up indviduals. Something or nothing happened about four years ago. The matter can be sorted over a cup of tea—-PERIOD. What need is there for a commitee?

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