Shafqat Mahmood claims Naeem ul Haq’s Twitter account is hacked


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Secretary Information Shafqat Mahmood, claimed in a tweet on Friday morning that PTI leader’s Naeem ul-Haq’s twitter account has been hacked.


His tweet came just after a couple of tweets were deleted on Naeem ul Haq’s twitter profile, regarding an alleged ‘discussion about marriage’ that took place between Haq and Gulalai.  Early Friday morning, Haq tweeted that a marriage discussion did take place between him and Gulalai hours after the former PTI MNA alleged she had received inappropriate text messages from Haq as well, in a TV show.

“Should I apologise for discussing marriage with Ayesha Gulalai? No, I don’t think so. Nothing wrong with that,” Haq wrote on Twitter.













“There was no marriage proposal as such to Ayesha Gulalai as she herself said in Asma Shirazi show just a discussion,” he tweeted.














Both the tweets got deleted moments after.

Earlier, on Thursday night, Gulalai appeared on a private channel’s talk shows, where she claimed that she had received text messages from the party spokesperson as well.

She said that soon after the messages from Part leader started arriving, Naeemul Haq also sent a text message stating, ‘I am alone and want to marry.’

Senior journalist Hamid Mir has said that Ayesha Gulalai, in a brief meeting, showed him the messages that PTI Chairman Imran Khan allegedly sent her, which “add weight” to her allegations.

However, Mir went on to say that the allegations need to be further investigated.

On Thursday, while appearing on a private TV channel’s show, Gulalai said that she is not baseless in her accusations and would not pursue the matter herself unless asked to do on a proper forum. She said that she will provide evidence of her allegations if summoned by the Parliament or the court of law.

PTI has served a legal notice to Gulalai, stating that she either replies to the message within 10 days or pays compensation worth Rs30 million.