PTCL and Nayatel get in on Gulalai Debate


PTCL has been the butt of Internet Connectivity ( or lack thereof) jokes since it has been providing internet services and in light of this has been fodder for meme pages, SMS jokes and a buffer in casual conversation.

It is, however, very unbecoming of a government based company to actively reply to aforementioned ridicule, that too in a somewhat cringy and problematic manner.

It started with a tweet that attempted to link the Ayesha Gulalai fiasco with PTCL’s characteristic slow speeds.


The situation was capitalised upon when a twitter user tagged Nayatel twitter handle setting off a string of tweets that eventually made PTCL ‘Official’ look like a parody account.




PTCL’s reply cashed in on, now, ancient Internet gags including ‘NahiHoGaTujSeChase’




It was the mention of the age old ‘we are proud of you’ joke that was in bad taste, especially considering how because of it a college girl became the target of everyone’s ridicule.

Leg pulling aside, such displays of immaturity by a group, that in a way, represents the government is highly problematic especially in the immortal and unforgiving online space.


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