PM directs 24-hour protection for Gulalai


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Friday directed the Islamabad IGP to provide 24-hour protection to MNA Ayesha Gulalai.

Speaking in the National Assembly after chairing a cabinet meeting of the newly-sworn-in federal and state ministers, Abbasi said he made the decision after seeing news reports of threats against Gulalai. “Have never seen such an incident in my 30-year political career,” said the premier.

The prime minister further added that he respects both the accuser, as well as the person against whom the allegations are being levelled. He called for an in-camera parliamentary inquiry committee to probe the issue.

Former PTI leader Gulalai has written a letter to the interior secretary, seeking security in light of ‘threats’ against her.

According to sources, Gulalai said her life was in danger and she was being threatened after her damning disclosures against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. She also mentioned she was threatened with acid attacks on social media.

Talking to a private news channel, Gulalai said she has been getting calls on her phone saying ‘we won’t forgive you’, claiming a provincial minister also called and threatened her.

Gulalai, earlier this week, levelled serious allegations of sexual harassment against PTI chief along with allegations of marginalisation of women in the party and corruption.


  1. Is she the Kim Baker of Shahid. I dont think this stop gap PM should write his full name because nobody would with an iota of love for the country would like to mention that because he was a coward.

  2. The safest place in Islamabad is either Prime Minister House or Punjab House but PM House would be more safe while Punjab House could prove fatal.

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