‘No one can say bye to Nawaz Sharif’ – PML-N workers condemn NA-120 ‘bye’-poll


LAHORE – The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) top leadership has agreed to launch an awareness movement among party

workers regarding upcoming by-elections in NA-120 of Lahore, The Dependent has learnt.

According to sources, many of the ruling party workers started protest and hung banners across the city, condemning the ‘bye-elections’

“No one can say bye to our leader Mian Nawaz Shairf,” one PML-N supporter said breaking the pen that this scribe was holding.

Another peaceful protestor with his wooden stick reiterated that Nawaz Sharif ‘lives in our hearts’

“The establishment will need a bye-pass of our hearts to exclude Mian Saab,” he asserted.

Furthermore, official by-election banners across the city have been tampered with graffiti exhibiting the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dialogue: ‘Tusi jaa rae o? Tusi na jao’.

Meanwhile, the top PML-N leadership has vied to set the record straight with party workers.

“After Panama Leaks, this is yet another Zionist conspiracy led by Imran Khan, who wants to mislead the true voters of Pakistan,” Danyal Aziz said in a press conference.

“We want to tell our supporters that these are by-polls not bye-polls because our leader will never say bye. It was the Supreme Court and the

Constitution of Pakistan that said bye to him, not the other way around,” Talal Chaudhary added.

At press time the PML-N workers were seen getting out of control on Mall Road after someone tweeted ‘Bye Bye Nawaz Sharif’ with the hashtag #RokSakoToRokLo.