Military dictators did more for Pakistan than civilian governments: Musharraf


Admiring the military rule tenures in Pakistan, former President Pervez Musharraf claimed that the army had always brought the country back on track; but, the civilian governments have always ruined it.

While talking to reporters the former President defended all the martial laws imposed in Pakistan claiming they were the ‘need of the hour’ whenever a martial law was declared in Pakistan.

Musharraf was of the view that it makes no difference to the masses if they are ruled under democracy, dictatorship, communism or socialism, as the people and country require their growth, progress, prosperity and job opportunities.

Mentioning the examples of all Asian countries, he said it was dictators who are behind the progress of these countries, adding the same is true with Pakistan that was set right by the military dictators; but, the civilian governments again damaged it.

Replying to a question, Musharraf said there is no point in holding elections and giving liberty if no progress ever materializes as a result.

It was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who was responsible for the country’s divide; Musharraf said adding part of the blame goes to Yahya Khan as well.

The country made marked progress during the ten-year era of Ayub Khan, Musharraf said praising the dictator.

The former President also acknowledged the Zia era was divisive as he shoved the country towards religious extremism, saying Zia trod the path which is affecting the country still today.

He, however, strained the former military ruler’s decision to side with the US and the Mujahideen against the Soviet Union at the time of the Afghanistan invasion was a correct move.

Reacting to a question, Musharraf voiced his opinion that the power to topple the government should rest with the masses, provided there are checks and balances in the Constitution for the purpose, adding people continuously approach the army to rid them of the corrupt people.

“I took over on the overwhelming demand of the people of Pakistan,” he clarified.

“The Constitution is sacred. But, people are more sacred. We cannot ruin the country for the sake of the Constitution. However, the Constitution can be a bit compromised for the sake of the nation,” he pointed out.

Criticizing Nawaz Sharif’s policy towards India and terming it “a total sell-out policy”, Musharraf said India is involved in Balochistan suggesting a proactive strategy against the opponents of Pakistan.

“Being a former chief of Pakistan Army, the military will always look for my well-being,” he said in response to a query regarding his self-imposed exile.

Commenting on treason trial against him, he said the case against him under Article-6 is not right.


  1. In most countries the state has an army but in Pakistan the army has a state. This is what the former General is trying to say this.

  2. Is understandable that Parveez Mushraf will support dictatorship over democracy because he himself was a dictator.The Pakistan Army never allowed democracy to take root in Pakistan. Mushraf is speaking as if dictators are like holy cows who are corrupt free.If Mushraf has not made money during his service with Pak Army how he could have stayed for years in London.

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