‘Fun Mom Dinner’ cast says film mirrors real bonds between mothers


A raunchy comedy about four women on a night out that takes an unexpected turn resembles real life connections that mothers form with each other after having children, the lead actresses of “Fun Mom Dinner” said.

“Fun Mom Dinner,” out in U.S. theatres on Friday, stars Toni Collette, Bridget Everett, Molly Shannon and Katie Aselton as moms with kids in the same preschool class.

The foursome’s night out begins with some gossip and tapas and quickly spirals into an alcohol-fueled, weed-filled outing that makes them appreciate motherhood.

“I think it is wanting to find a group of people who you can commiserate with and also support each other and be wanting to find someone with a similar situation,” Aselton said in an interview.

“If your friends aren’t naturally moms already at that point, you end up reaching out to people that you wouldn’t maybe normally reach out to … that can sometimes create these incredible bonds,” she added.

Directed by Alethea Jones and written by Julie Rudd, the film boasts a female-led team that the actresses said led to a unique on-set experience.

Aselton described it as a “weird girls club,” while Everett said it felt like a “coven.”