CDA decides changing I-17 status to residential sector


Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to change the status of Sector I-17 to a residential sector.

According to media reports, the CDA administration had inaugurated and announced the Sector I-17 as an Industrial Sector in 2009; however, industrialists rejected to accept this as an Industrial sector after which the CDA sent a summary to the PM Secretariat for changing the status of this sector as a residential sector.

The respective sector was announced in 2009 when it was decided to shift industrial units outside urban areas of Islamabad in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court. However, due to the establishment of new Islamabad Airport and industrialists’ rejection of this sector, it has not been started so far despite a passage of nine years.

Now once again CDA state department has again started planning to start sector I-17 as residential sector in view of growing demands from citizens.