Terror in Karachi: Pakistan likely to contact UK, South Africa with data

  • Rangers DG briefs interior minister on arrests, foreign contacts of criminals
  • Paramilitary forces arrest two MQM-L members in target killing case

Minister for Interior Affairs and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday said that it was a matter of grave concern that soil of South Africa and the United Kingdom was being used for bloodshed and terrorist activities in Karachi.

Sindh Rangers Director General Major General Muhammad Saeed phoned the minister and briefed him on the arrest of accused, having contacts with networks in South Africa and the United Kingdom, during last few days. Nisar appreciated the performance of the paramilitary forces in establishing peace and curbing activities of anti-social elements.

He directed Major General Saeed to send a detailed reference in this regard so that the matter could be taken up with the governments of South Africa and the UK in its light. “We will take up the matter with South Africa and UK with solid evidence,” he said.

Addressing a news conference at the Rangers Headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan Rangers Sindh spokesperson Qaiser Ajmal Khattak announced that the paramilitary forces have arrested two accused allegedly involved in the target killing of two workers of a political party.

He pointed out that on the evening of July 17 this year, two workers of a political party identified as Abdul Majeed alias Nadeem Maulana and Irshad alias Lal Khan were murdered in Karachi’s Orangi Town area. The Rangers have arrested two accused of involvement in these killings.

The spokesperson said that the accused were identified as Muhammad Raheem – the alleged shooter, and Muhammad Danish – the rider. Both belonged to the MQM-London Secretariat. He said that the weapon and motorcycle used in the killing have been recovered while raids were also being conducted for the arrest of their accomplices.

During interrogation, the accused confirmed that the target was assigned to them a month ago by the MQM-L through South Africa. During the commission of the crime, the accused were in contact through Whatsapp message with the MQM-L Secretariat and its network in South Africa, they told the investigators.

After the completion of the task, the accused were felicitated by London-based Altaf Hussain through voice messages which had been retrieved from the mobile phones of the accused. Khattak said that a sum of Rs 50,000 was sent through bank transaction as the reward.

The accused and their accomplices were involved in disseminating hate messages against the law enforcement agencies as well Pakistan through social media besides the wall chalking in favour of Altaf Hussain, the former head of the MQM.

The accused also disclosed the names of their accomplices who were directly in contact with Altaf, Nadeem Nusrat, Qamarul Islam alias Taddy and Abdul Rasheed alias Babu Bihari and were allegedly planning the target killings of rival political leaders and the workers.

During the press conference, the voice WhatsApp messages of Altaf Hussain were also played. Khattak also warned the miscreants based abroad that the days were gone when on the instructions from London and South Africa killings were committed here and on a call the city was shut down.

He said that the patriotic people of Karachi and of Pakistan have rejected such things. The Pakistan Rangers is keeping a vigilant eye on all criminal elements and any conspiracy to disturb peace would be met with sternly,” he said.


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