Altaf Bhai can relate to Sharif family’s flats as London property nobody owns


LONDON – Empathising with the Park Lane and Mayfair flats allegedly owned by the Sharif family, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-London’s sole self-respecting member Altaf Bhai says he knows exactly how the properties based in the UK capital must be feeling.

Explaining the feeling to The Dependent, Bhai said it’s not easy to explain the feeling.

“There you are in all your magnificence and luxury, covering vast swathes of high-end space in London, and yet nobody…” Bhai paused to shed a few tears that eventually transformed into bawling.

“And yet nobody owns you,” he finished the sentence.

Bhai blamed the ‘middleclassiya mentality’ in Pakistan for what he dubbed the ‘utter disrespect of properties you did not deserve in the first place.’

“These middleclassiyas get something they couldn’t dream of and then eventually forget about it,” Bhai said.

“They want to affiliate their name with you as long as your name has allure, but when some question the same name, they act as though they have nothing to do with you.”

When asked who he thought was the actual owner of the London flats, Bhai went silent for a couple of minutes.

“It is the London property who own the metropolitan city. It is the London property that can still jolt Pakistani politics. And it is the London property that is bracing for a comeback, jaagirdarooooo…” Bhai concluded.