Is Nepal going to be an Indian province?


Seems like it

Apparently the Mahalangur Range separates China and Nepal but factually the two countries share very close linguistic, cultural, marital, and ethnic ties


Mount Everest has ever been a passion to mountaineers in spite of the fact that almost 300 of the striving mountaineers lost their lives while trying to reach its peaks during the period June 1922 to May 2017. Mount Everest is in Mahalangur Range which is the international border between China and Nepal. Earth’s highest mountain Mount Everest is known as Sagarmāthā in Nepali language and in Tibetan as Chomolungma. This peak was given the name of Everest by the Royal Geographical Society in 1865 upon a recommendation by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India. Its peak is 8,848 meters above sea level.

Apparently the Mahalangur Range separates China and Nepal but factually the two countries share very close linguistic, cultural, marital, and ethnic ties. Buddhism is the religious philosophy followed by most of the people in both countries. It may be labeled as Nepal’s hard-luck that it is a land-lock country bordering China in the north and India in the south, east, and west. The distance between Nepal and Bangladesh is just 27km but Nepal does not share border with Bangladesh and same is the situation with Bhutan. The Indian state of Sikkim is located between Nepal and Bhutan. In short India is the only country which shares direct boundary with Nepal from three sides and on the basis of this natural helplessness it always exploits Nepal and treats it as a colony. Indian interference in Nepal has become a continuous basis of conflict between the government and people of Nepal. The people are of opinion that Indian interference in their internal as well as in foreign affairs is depriving Nepal of its own identity and sovereignty.

I remember, almost three years back, I penned down an article on Indo-Nepal relations. Someone from Nepal emailed me his comments on that article. The email said, “The people of Nepal hate their Indian neighbors because Indians take Nepalese to be stupid hill dwellers who are always jealous of the progress Indians have made. Nepalese think of Indians as charlatans, frauds and cheats because the Indians follow the saying that a dead Indian can fool ten Nepalese.” Chairman of Greater Nepal Nationalist Front Mr Phanidra Nepal recently said in an interview with ABC News, “None of the crises being faced by Nepal are an overnight development, rather these were expected long time ago due to India-dependent policies of our country, but Nepalese leaders have failed to read the writing on the wall. Border blockade, unrest in Madhesh, growing anti-India sentiments, excessive Indian interference in internal affairs of Nepal is largely the consequence of our faulty foreign policy and diplomacy.”

It is because of Indian interference in Nepal that the whole social, political and economic set up of Nepal is heading towards a catastrophic ending. Unfortunately the Nepalese politicians have unwillingly accepted Indian hegemony. The editorial of a Nepalese newspaper said, “Our leaders have a tendency to become ultra nationalist when they are out of power, but as they come in power their position changes and they become Indian surrogates. Most of the Nepalese leaders are guided by selfish motives and they try to climb an easy ladder to power through India. This is one of the main reasons that Nepal is subjected to undue Indian pressures, harassment and humiliation. Nepali political parties are using Indian and China cards as tool to grab the opportunity to come in government. India wants political instability in Nepal. Every government in Nepal designs close relation with India and ignores China under Indian pressure.”

This slavish behaviour of the government of Nepal and of the politicians there and the helplessness of the security forces of Nepal must be alarming and eye-opening to the people of Nepal

Indian interference in Nepal has become a serious threat to the law and order situation in the country too. The hidden agents of RAW are always there to damage Nepal’s repute at international level. The government of Nepal never seems willing to give these agents a hard time or to take them to task for their mischievous activities; disappearance of a retired officer of Pakistan army from Nepal is also one of such heinous activities. Col (R) Zahir, after his retirement from Pakistan army in 2014, started applying for job through emails in different international companies. Indian intelligence agencies picked up his bio data from there and hatched a conspiracy to trap him by offering a UN affiliated job in Nepal. Nepalese Magazine Swaviman Nepal said in a report on abduction of Col (R) Zahir Habib, “India is using Nepalese territory for leveling its scores with its opponents. Uncontrolled abductions of foreigners from Nepalese territory by Indian intelligence suggest that Nepal is no more a safe tourist resort and anybody could be abducted or killed by Indian sleuths.” More than three months have passed but nothing has yet been done by the government of Nepal for the rescue of the missing Pakistani. Recently the wife of Col (R) Zahir Habib wrote a letter to UNHRCP regarding mysterious disappearance of her husband from Lumbini, a border town of Nepal where he was called for a job interview by Mark Thomson a senior Recruiter of ‘’ on 6 April 2017. It was her second letter to the authorities. In the beginning lines of her letter she says, “I am once again writing to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights with the hope that humanity is still alive and I along with my children am not living in a lawless world with no justice and no compassion. I have learnt that there are very convincing indications of involvement of Indian nationals in my husband’s  mysterious disappearance from Nepal and evidences collected so far strongly suggest incident as a premeditated kidnap plot.” What else could a helpless woman do for her missing husband? Let us pray for her husband but apparently it seems that all her efforts are going to be wasted as the government of Nepal seems totally helpless in this regard.

This slavish behaviour of the government of Nepal and of the politicians there and the helplessness of the security forces of Nepal must be alarming and eye-opening to the people of Nepal. If no one in Nepal tried to put a check on the increasing interference and influence of India, this country of beautiful people and wonderful mountains would become an Indian colony. When parents in the future tell their children the stories about Mount-Everest, they would start with a very painful line, ‘Once there was a beautiful country Nepal but now it is an Indian province…”




  1. Nepal is not a safe place for Pakistanis…yes that is the way it should be …tattistanis are welcome only in hell…

  2. The author just had a bad dream and woke up in the middle of the night to narrate a nightmarish experience that he just underwent. As an illustration “Apparently the Mahalangur Range separates China and Nepal but factually the two countries share very close linguistic, cultural, marital, and ethnic ties” is amazingly ridiculous. There is no linguistic connection between Mandarin and nepali language.I don’t know which university taught him so, the author is practically illiterate. There is no linguistic connection whatsoever in Mandarin and Nepali. Neither in alphabets, script nor in grammar. What ” Factually” is author referring to? There is no reference to it. I don’t usually respond to such tabloid material, but this article went beyond absurdity. It is my humble request to the author that he needs to study, and study a lot more. As far as cultural ties are concerned, there was very little contact between tibetans and Nepalies for almost five thousand years of known history for the mighty Himalayas acted as a huge barrier. In fact it was completely reverse when it came to the relation of Nepal with India.There is nothing that separates Nepal and India when it comes culture, language and ethnicity. This goes for thousands of years in history.

  3. Thank the great education system prevalent in Pakistan and as a whole in Islamic world,
    They try to falsify historical facts if it comes as a favor to them

    • Nepal is not like India who has been colonalized by foreign forces like Muslims , British . Read your own history first you slaves of Brits. Nepali hate indians like hell and this is coming from a Nepali. Just wait few years and you’ll see the pieces of Garbage country.

      • Nepal will always be independent country and most importantly bridge between South Asian and Asian countries. It has to wakeup from its slumber and start asserting its role in Asian region. Both India and China respect Nepal. Nepal is unique nation which embraced Hinduism and Buddhism alike. Its a great country yet to get its due.

    • An invaded and brutally raped country by the Muslims from the Arab and later colonized by the Brits now the people have been fooled by their politicians and religion gurus into believing Nepal is within India. Come to Nepal and the local will show how it feels like a rocking chair huh! Can somebody give me the extinguisher to put out the fire of COLONIALLY burned and rotten minds.

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