Gillani urges Supreme court to urgently announce Panama case verdict


Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani has requested the courts to announce the verdict of the Panama papers case so that normalcy could come to the country.

He made this statement while addressing a press conference in Multan on Sunday. He added that PPP is an ideological party and they would wait for the Supreme Court’s decision. He was of the view that the present government should complete its term and elections should be held in 2018.

While commenting on the election reforms Gillani said that all parties needed to work together to achieve the suitable electoral system. “Without election reforms, we cannot have transparent elections,” he said. “We need election reforms for real change.”

The former PM was of the view that it is only the PPP that has actually represented the people of southern Punjab. “All the presidents, ministers and governors from this region were nominated by the PPP,” he said. “PML-N and PTI will give us nothing.”


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