Will inform before initiating mutually assured destruction in region, China and India reassure Pakistan


BEIJING/NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD – Reassuring Pakistan that a due confirmation will be sent in case India and China plan to launch a nuclear war for mutually assured destruction in the region, Beijing and New Delhi advised Pakistan to not stress over the war that could directly target half of the global population, and in turn wipe off the planet.

The statements from Chinese and Indian foreign ministries came in a three-way hotline established with Islamabad, in the aftermath of Pakistani media reports announcing the commencement of a Sino-Indian war, wherein over 150 people were claimed to have been claimed.

“The concern is understandable, especially since Pakistan might want to be the instigator in case a nuclear war is launched to destroy the world, but we assure you that no such war would take place without at least an official text sent to Islamabad,” the joint China-India statement said.

Representatives of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry told The Dependent that the three-way hotline went well and Islamabad has been reassured of the possibilities, and has also conveyed Pakistan’s viewpoint.

“We have all – official, media and military – templates ready as and when China decides to nuclearily kick India’s butt,” a Foreign Office official said. “But sometimes we run them too soon in sheer excitement and anticipation.”


  1. That’s silly if these two fight the whole area will be in a huge mess (RADIATION, DROUGHT, DISEASES, WATER CONTAMINATION AND EVEN MORE)! We won’t survive this, even if it involves just two countries it will take many of us, damaging us all. We need to calm these two countries before it’s too late! No one’s gonna survive this so stop it! Sartaj Aziz sir, please do something!

  2. USA will have a war with China on one pretext or the other because they have a huge debt that they cannot repay. They will defeat the Chinese and the debt will be written off.

    Chinese are hated in East Asia – Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, vietnam, etc. for a good reason.

    China fudak raha hai because of economic success and US $ reserves. It will find out this is not enough …history repeats itself.

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