Pakistani students to visit Japan for science programme


ISLAMABAD: A delegation of 10 students of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) along with a supervisor will be visiting Japan on the invitation of the government of Japan from July 22 to 30, under the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Programme in Science.

The Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan Takashi Kurai hosted a pre-departure ceremony at his residence and handed over travel documents to the students for their visit to Japan, a press release said on Thursday.

This exchange programme is known as the “SAKURA Exchange Programme in Science” and the selected students are currently enrolled in the PhD and Masters programmes of NUST School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

This programme aims to promote exchanges between young Asian and Japanese researchers in the fields of science and technology through the close collaboration of industry, academia and government by facilitating short-term visits of competent Asian youths to Japan for studying and experiencing cutting-edge Japanese technology.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) annually offers “Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Programme in Science”; this programme is being offered in Pakistan since last year and so far six high school students have availed this opportunity.

Ambassador Takashi Kurai, while speaking at the occasion, congratulated the students upon their selection and also underlined the importance of learning new science and technology.

He added that Japan would continue assisting Pakistan in its efforts for the human resource development which is the key for achieving sustainable progress and development.