CADD minister, Islamabad mayor ‘at daggers drawn’


Relationship beyond redemption


The relationship between the Capital Administration and Development Division (CA&DD) Minister Tariq Fazal Chaudhary and Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz on the pretext of ad-hocism in the CDA and MCI had now gone beyond redemption, it has been learnt.

Earlier, Islamabad mayor claimed that some CDA bureaucrats along with some CADD ministry officials are at the forefront of creating hurdles in the establishment of local government, and then strengthen it with staff, assets and directorates.

Sources said that CA&DD Minister Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhary expressed his serious reservations over the appointment of CDA Member Planning Asad Mehboob Kayani. He is of the view that one man should not be given three key posts as the MCI’s chief metropolitan officer (CMO), CDA member planning, CDA member engineering, which is clear ad-hocism.

A source, close to the minister, briefed that CMO Asad Mehboob Kayani is the brother of former PTI Rawalpindi Nazim Tariq Mehboob Kayani. He claimed, “UC chairmen of PML-N and youth wing, labour wing are all set to hold a press conference on the wish of CADD Minister because he is the man who refused to favour the recommended person.”

Although, according to the hierarchy of powers, the CDA chief and members are to directly report to CADD Ministry and MCI officials to Interior Ministry, he refused to do so probably on the directions of Mayor, he said.

MCI Chairman Sajid Abbasi revealed to Pakistan Today that there are some instances like the UC chairman, in a MCI session, proposed some plan and the CMO forwarded it to Member Planning; and then, the same person rejects the proposal or manipulated it without any pertinent reason.

When contacted, several UC chairmen, while requesting anonymity, said that Anser, after holding CDA chief’s post, and CMO Asad Mehboob Kayani, after holding two key posts, have lost their interest in MCI, they are just passing their time.

“It can be seen that despite formation of MCI in 2015, successful election for mayor on Feb 14, 2016, the appointment of chief metropolitan officer (CMO) on ad-hocism, the hierarchy of MCI has failed to grab the development and non-development budget in two consecutive years and is now running its affairs on loan from CDA, which will most probably not be paid back,” said Sajid Abbasi.

Therefore, on the said matter, some PML-N UC chairmen have started mulling to hold a press conference or a protest against the CMO next week. However, when contacted, Islamabad Mayor and CDA Chairman Sheikh Anser Aziz said that the charge of Member Planning CDA was given to CMO through proper channel, but when Prime Minister suspended four CDA officials, including Member Engineering, the authority was left with no other option but to give CMO, an additional charge, he said.

“All UC chairmen went to member planning office on daily basis and they were entertained, however, he only refused to give illegal favours, as per my directions,” adding that previously, UC chairmen were not even allowed to enter member planning’s office, said Anser Aziz.

It is noted that the MCI is headed by the mayor of Islamabad, and its executive branch consists of 77 elected local government members; comprising 50 union council chairmen and 27 reserved seat holders. The IMC presently was created as a result of the bifurcation of CDA, with the majority of municipal services transferring to the new body.

IMC’s responsibilities include urban planning, road maintenance, environment control, building control, water supply, sanitation, and other services, which they have failed to deliver so far. It is pertinent to mention here that if the cold war ensues between the two key persons of Islamabad is resulting in no sewage, water and environment improvement in the capital since MCI has formed.