Amnesty for end to rights abuses in held Kashmir

  • Masood says Kashmiri people want reintegration

Dr Michael Gottlob of the Amnesty International on Friday said that massive human rights violations in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) should come to an end.

Talking to Azad Jammu Kashmir President Masood Khan here in German capital, he said that Kashmir was being treated like a colony. He said that India should realise that a military solution of the Kashmir issue was not possible. He said that Jammu Kashmir was divided and if Germany can be united, why not the divided Kashmiri state.

Dr Gottlob said that space for human rights and rights defenders was shrinking in India as Indian authorities were denying visa to block fact finding in held Kashmir. He said that the UN Human Rights Council was the best forum for getting more attention of the Kashmir situation.

Addressing representatives of Kashmiri and Pakistani Diaspora, President Masood said that in history only fascists and imperialists erected walls and barriers to separate people. He said that time has come for decisions and a democratic solution for the realisation of the right to self-determination of the Kashmir issue.

“Lovers of freedom and democracy would always open channels and doors to join people,” he said, adding the Kashmiri people want to be reintegrated. He thanked Pakistan for its moral, diplomatic and political support to the Kashmir issue. “Kashmir’s freedom movement is peaceful and indigenous, he pointed out.

He said that it was led by hundreds of thousands of young men and women and in fact the entire citizenry of Kashmir of all ages. The Kashmiri leader appealed to the overseas community to raise awareness in Germany and Europe about rights violations in the Kashmiri state, the urgent need for the intercession of the international community to save the Kashmiris from their plight, and a just political solution.