Lahore police claim to recover over 11 million loot money in June


LAHORE: Lahore Police said that it had arrested 199 members of 82 dacoit gangs and recovered 11.1 million from them and handed over the recovered amount to the rightful owners; 242 more cases were traced during the investigation and further recovery is also expected.

It was stated in a statement issued by the spokesperson of Lahore Police on Thursday.

04 Kalashnikovs, 27 Rifles, 20 Guns, 376 Pistols, 01 Dagger and 50888 rounds of bullets were seized from 440 arrested accused during the grand operation against unidentified weapons, 430 cases have been registered against the accused.

During the crackdown against drug dealers in the city, 485 suspects were arrested and 19kg Heroin, 250kg hashish, 16kg opium and 8446 liquor bottles were recovered. Similarly in June, 437 suspects were arrested during the gambling operations, 123 cases registered against them and more than 5 lakh rupees were recovered from them.

All the Divisional SPs were ordered to launch special campaigns against the brothels in the city; 151 accused related to brothels were arrested and 39 cases were registered against them.

Last month, 24 wanted criminals and judicial fugitives of A-Category and 78 wanted criminals and 854 judicial fugitives of B-Category were also arrested.

In the month of June, 333 one-wheelers, 319 kite flyers, 52 accused involved in aerial firing, 28 beggars, 950 violators of Price Control Act and 35 violators of Loudspeakers Act were arrested

DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf said on the occasion that order has been issued to all the officers of Lahore Police to accelerate the operation against crimes in the city.

All the Divisional SPs are being assigned a special task to arrest the accused involved in street crimes.