‘Government is committed to protecting rights of minorities’


KARACHI: Sindh government is committed to protecting the rights of people belonging to minority communities with equal attention towards their socio-economic empowerment, said Dr. Khatumal Jiwan, Special Assistant to the Sindh chief minister.

Talking to a group of citizens comprising minority communities’ members here on Wednesday, he said that PPP government is also committed to promoting confidence and trust among all segments of the society.

“It is with this motive that Sindh government has raised the allocation for minority affairs from Rs. 300 million to Rs.500 million in its budget for 2017-2018,” he said.

He added that PPP leadership, particularly Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is fully conscious about the religious sensitivities of the people pertaining to minority communities.

It is because of this approach that a sizable fund has been earmarked under the current fiscal year, for repair and beautification of places of worship as well as sites revered by the minority communities.

Dr. Khatomal said that PPP’s recent PS 114 win in Karachi has established that people from cross sections of society and with varied ethnic backgrounds support the party.