IHC accepts SECP chairman’s transit bail request


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Tuesday (today) allowed transit bail to Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Chairman Zafar Hijazi’s.

The IHC had earlier raised objections to the pre-arrest bail request filed by  Hijazi’s legal counsel Sheikh Ansar and advised him to contact the ‘relevant forum for the matter.’

At this, the petitioner’s counsel requested transit bail to which the court replied that the original petition needed to be amended in that case.

Following this, Hijazi remained inside the court fearing arrest as the petition was sent back to the registrar office for amendments.

Hijazi’s legal counsel had lodged a pre-arrest bail under section 498 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Pakistan citing medical grounds as the basis for the request.

The request stated that the jail environment may not be suitable for Hijazi’s medical condition who had recently had a kidney transplant.

The request further included that Hijazi wanted to be part of the investigation to “prove all allegations levelled against him wrong.”




  1. Protectice or pre arrezt bail is the right of every person if he wants to co oprate with the investigating agencies

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