“BMW” actually was a CG-125 that we had souped up from Bilal Gunj, claims Maryam Nawaz | Pakistan Today

“BMW” actually was a CG-125 that we had souped up from Bilal Gunj, claims Maryam Nawaz

In a clarification issued to the media yesterday, daughter of the Prime Minister, Maryam Nawaz, has said that the her BMW registered as a Honda CG-125 is indeed a motorbike that has been modified using parts from an infamous car accessories dealer in Bilal Gunj.

Maryam had taken flak for appearing in a BMW with plates that were registered to a Honda CG 125 motorbike. However it has now been revealed by her that the bike was ‘car’ was actually the very Honda bike that had been jazzed up.

Speaking to reporters, Maryam Nawaz said the Honda CG 125 had been gifted to her brother Hassan Nawaz by a Qatari prince. Maryam, who was wearing a black leather jacket and shades on the occasion, said her brother had passed the bike down to her for her birthday but she found it “lame” and decided to make it “a sweeter ride.” Maryam then began her efforts to remodel the motorbike using parts she found at Bilal Gunj.

Adjusting her aviators, she added “that Honda was a lame mess when Hassan gave it to me. Ever since I finished souping it up that ride has become sweet.” She then went on to detail how the bike needed two new wheels to make it a comfortable Sedan which she got from a Suzuki Cultus and WagonR respectively. The engine of the bike also had to be replaced with one from a 2002 model Toyota Corolla.

Meanwhile the PML-N spokesperson elaborated on the claims saying that while the PTI had wanted people to believe the BMWs had something to do with corruption, the facts of the case had come out after Maryam Nawaz provided irrefutable evidence regarding the case. Meanwhile, Captain Safdar talking to The Dependent said that the motorbike issue was a conspiracy against the foundation of the country and its ideology.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.