Punjab govt fully prepared in case of floods



LAHORE: Punjab Provincial Minister Human Rights and Minorities Khalil Tahir Sandhu has said that in order to deal with any untoward situation in the province, Punjab PDMA had always performed a vital role.

Due to expected flood, the PDMA has distributed 764 boats, 764 outboard motors, 11000 life jackets, 4000 life rings, 13000 dewatering sets, 48000 tents, 49000 plastic mats, 43000 mosquito nets and 30 generator sets in the flood-prone districts of the province.

He said that PDMA is in close contact with the Meteorological Department to stay updated with the latest information regarding weather situation on a daily basis to ensure preparedness in the wake of possible floods.

He said that the PDMA is ready to cope with monsoon rains and possible floods. He added that 10 meetings of the cabinet committee on floods have been conducted so far. He further said that all the district disaster management authorities are conducting meetings on a regular basis.

He said that Punjab PDMA, in collaboration with different district administrations, has also conducted mock exercises to combat any possible floods. “The idea was to check whether they could handle expected flood threats and handle rescue operations”, he added.  He said that such exercises can help improve the capacity of the departments who have to deal with emergency situations.