Shots inside Siddiqui Uncle’s house are considered out, Gulbahar Colony St 27 Cricket Council decides


The Gulbahar Colony St 27 Cricket Council (GCSCC) has decided on a split vote that any skyers hit by a batsman that land inside the house of Siddiqui Uncle will from now on be considered out. The other houses in the street remain open territory and hitting windows is still considered the equivalent of a ‘super six’ which constitutes 8 runs according to GCSCC law.

The decision was announced after a close door meeting in Ahmed’s house, the oldest member of the cricketing league, aged 26 and still unemployed, and the leader of the GCSCC. The decision was taken after a lot of deliberation and while consensus was finally reached, it has been reported that Ahmed’s younger cousin Mohsin left the meeting in a foul mood threatening to take away his cricketing equipment, which would greatly handicap the future of the game.

The explanation the GCSCC has given for the groundbreaking new development is that Uncle Siddiqui does not return the balls that fall into his house which caused great outcry from Rashid, the main source of revenue as his father owns the general store where the cricket council purchases their tennis balls at a discounted price. Suggestions were made that perhaps everyone should start pitching in to pay for the balls which was promptly shot down by Ahmed who used his 4th veto of the meeting.

Left handed batsmen Jameel has, however, said the move is a way to limit his cricket by blocking his famous back-foot pull shot. “This is an outrage” he cried, “there are no other lefties and they were thrashed in the last game by me which is why they are trying to use their right-hand privilege against me.”

The next game of the GCSCC is scheduled for tomorrow evening and we will have to wait and see how the new regulations have an impact on the development of the sport.