Ali Zaidi asks Dar to disclose his Dubai assets


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) senior leader Ali Zaidi has asked Ishaq Dar to provide detailed information about his business activities with the Indians in Dubai.

Zaidi questioned Dar as to why Indians were his partners in his ventures in Dubai. He also pointed out that being finance minister of Pakistan why he was in partnership with Indian businessmen. “Certainly, being the finance minister of Pakistan, he must be held accountable for his actions, both in terms of his private business ventures and his public life.

He also asked Dar to explain the nature of his relations with these Indians. Continuing with his questions, he asked why an Indian architect, Deepik Arora, was building a new villa for the minister in Emirates Hill in Dubai. He then went on to ask whether world-notorious Indian criminal Madhu Bhandari was not the minister’s business shareholder. The PTI leader then mentioned two women, one an Indian named Cuckoo and another one, Bondi Lahori, and asked the finance minister what his relationship was with them.

Ali Zaidi further said that as Pakistani citizens, we have every right to know the details of the minister’s business activities with the Indians.

He called out Dar and said, “Imran Khan is better than you (Dar) in every aspect as he has declared all of his existing assets whereas, you, on the other hand, haven’t declared any of your assets.”

Ali Zaidi asked, “How can chartered accountants make so much money?”

He concluded, “How many chartered accountants are there in the country whose children have managed to buy properties worth millions in Dubai?”