Another Congo virus case surfaces in Quetta


QUETTA: Another case of Congo virus surfaced in Quetta after it was confirmed that an eight-year-old girl was infected with it on Tuesday.

According to details, the Kirani Road resident was brought to Fatima Jinnah Hospital in a serious condition on June 29. According to Fatima Jinnah Hospital’s Contagious Diseases Department Head Dr Naseer Ahmad, the blood of the girl was sent to Karachi for test and it was confirmed that she is affected by Congo virus.

Two other suspected Congo virus patients are also being admitted to the hospital, the blood samples of those have also been sent to Karachi for the relevant test, he informed.

Dr Naseer disclosed that 35 suspected Congo virus patients have been brought to the hospital so far this year of whom 10 were confirmed with the virus. Six of the patients have died of whom two were confirmed to be affected with the virus, he added.


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