White Lies


Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

So, off was the League to do some wargaming about the output of the Panama JIT. Whom do we appoint as prime minister if, God forbid, His Nawazness is forced to step down?

The prime minister, it is reported, would have none of this. Don’t even think about such an outcome, he said to his top-tier leadership.

Does he know something that we don’t? Or is he just a delightfully optimistic Lahori?




Raymond Davis has spilled both the beans and the cat out of the bag in his recently published book.

Placed on top of the people who helped him escape the country was former military spymaster Ahmed Shuja Pasha!

In the smoke-and-mirrors game of cloak-and-dagger that ‘Pindi keeps playing with Islamabad, nothing is what it seems.

Back then, the elected civilian government had a veritable omelette on its face when the American civil defence contractor was allowed out of the country; the PPP government faced a significant public backlash on the issue. It is now revealed that the then spymaster was the one pulling the strings all along.