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Waziristan trade route with Afghanistan being reopened

Another important crossing point between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Ghulam Khan of North Waziristan is being opened for bilateral trade and other economic activities from Monday.

Political Agent of North Waziristan Kamran Afridi has announced reopening of Ghulam Khan border for bilateral trade and other economic activities couple of days ago. In this respect, Pakistan Customs, Immigration Wing of FIA and other federal government organs have already made arrangements.

After Torkham, Chaman and Burki-Khar Lachi of Kurram Agency, Ghulsam Khan border could be fourth important crossing point between the two countries opened for bilateral trade between the two countries. So far Angor Ada at South Waziristan, Nawa Pass and Ghakhi Pass in Bajuar Agency are closed for every sort of trade and business activities.

Mohsin Dawar, a socio-politico figure from North Waziristan when contacted by this correspondent, confirmed the opening of Ghulam Khan border. He welcomed the decision but said that certain officials say that it would be opened for trail basis. According to him, after 10 or 15 days, it could be closed. He, however, urged the government to ensure opening of Ghulam Khan border permanent like of Chaman and Torkhan.

Mohsin Dawar said that opening of Ghulam Khan border would not only lead to stimulating trade and business activities in North Waziristan but also in southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that this border also could provide opportunities to traders and industrialists from several districts of Punjab to import their products to Afghanistan. He said that Ghulam Khan border could play a key role in strengthening bilateral trade between the two countries.

Mohammad Noor Ahmadzai, a leading trader and transporter from Afghanistan, has also welcomed opening of Pak Afghan border in Ghulam Khan, which according to him was also beneficial for transporters. In a brief chat with this correspondent, he said that this border could reduce rush and hardships of drivers and transporters at Torkham and Chaman.

Ahmadzai has repeated his appeal to Pakistani authorities of easing the passport and visa restrictions for drivers from both the countries. In this respect, he said that a mechanism could be evolved through mutual understanding and consultation.

Ghulam Khan border was closed for every sort of trade, transport and pedestrians when armed forces embarked in military action Zarb-e-Azab against militants on June 15, 2014 last. Along with military action against militants, the government had also constructed Ghulam Khan Miran Shah and Miranshah Bannu road.