‘Caste system in Thar hampering development’


MITHI: A lecture programme on ‘caste system and sustainable development’ was organised in the Benazir Culture Complex in Mithi on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, writer and activist Akash Santorai deplored that certain elements for their petty interests were promoting hatred and fanaticism among the various communities living in Thar region, particularly in Hindus.

The ill-motivation behind these acts is to create communal disharmony and differences among various Hindu communities to get funds from international donor agencies by showing their plight due to one reason or another.

Santorai, while speaking on the impacts of classification of the caste system and sustainable development, urged the participants of the events to create the awareness among Tharis, who, according to him, were being exploited by the people, whose so-called organisations were cashing on their poverty.

“This is the high time to say a big no to caste system which has already incurred the huge economical as well as the communal unrest among the people,” he added.

Akash requested the international donor agencies to stop giving funds to such organisations, who were engaged in the divide between the various communities living in Thar, adding, that India was still reeling under the caste system, which he said would only, keep them, slaves of the few people: of the so-called upper classes.

“People of Thar should come out of such traps and concentrate on the education and future of their coming generation.”

He urged the government to launch sustainable programmes keeping in view the impacts of the climate change and its challenges, adding, there was a need to bring the changes in the infrastructure of health, education, rain-based agriculture, tourism, etc., to bring the real changes in the lives of Tharis.

He urged the concerned departments to plant at least 0.5 million trees every year so as to control the damage already done by the projects launched by the government and mining firms

The participants of the event fully agreed with the points raised by Santorai and pledged that they would try their level best to create awareness among people to get rid of the caste system, which according to them, was the great impediment to the society’s progress and prosperity.

Aatim Meghwar, Mumtaz Nohrio, Kanghi Mal, Kishwer Toghani, Ravi Kumar and others were also present on the occasion.