Imran Khan’s aides advising him to indulge in politics of abuse, says Saad Rafique


LAHORE: Railways Minister Saad Rafique on Saturday said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan is being advised by his aides to indulge in politics of abuse when he himself doesn’t want to.

He was addressing a gathering of workers. He also said that his party will not stoop to the letter of PTI leaders and its young workers who do not realise what the decades of hard work and sacrifices political leaders gave for democracy.

Mentioning examples from the past, Rafique said elected leaders have always been removed by “unconventional means”. “Why is that whenever PML-N is in power due to a popular vote, there are attempts to remove it through unconventional means?”

“People might disagree with our politics but even our opponents can’t deny we fought against civil and military dictatorships,” Rafique added.