FBR to charge up to 20% tax on social media posts


ISLAMABAD: In an unprecedented move to increase revenue the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to impose tax on various social media platform posts including but not limited to twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat.

“Let me be very clear, the purpose of this move is to generate much needed revenue only and not in the slightest to discourage unnecessary posts that are critical of the government and the FBR itself,” explained Dr Muhammad Arshad, Chairman FBR with a straight face.

Sources who have worked on the modalities of the new tax say it will be progressive in nature and will be levied on number of words for written posts, number of pixels for pictures and number of MB’s for videos.

According to reports strategic partnerships have been finalised with all major Telco’s and Internet service providers to ensure accurate billing. In addition to this the FBR got valuable input from the Interior Ministry to decide on the different brackets of taxes given the ministry’s unquestionable ability to differentiate between garden variety trolling and national security risks.

To a question regarding the expansion of the tax net FBR’s official spokesman replied, “This pretty much expands that godforsaken net in every direction possible. “Your lot is always on about thinking outside the box to eliminate age-old tax policies so here you go. Enjoy,” he added after clearly missing the point altogether.

There was uproar in the National Assembly from the opposition benches who deemed the new law a travesty of free speech followed by a walkout by PTI MNA’s lead by chief whip Shireen Mazari.

“This new tax is a big blow as it will reduce our minimum acceptable rate of 30 posts/minute across all social media outlets to less than 5 because we simply don’t have the budget to do it so close to the elections” a worried Mazari said speaking to media outside parliament while projecting a stern stare – while rubbing her index finger and thumb together – at someone who looked like Aleem Khan trying desperately to get out of her line of sight.


  1. If this is true then finally a tax would be imposed on breathing. The more you breath, more tax you pay.

  2. I don’t think s if it will posted with payment why should I post or share I pay net bills which r enough for me

  3. This would be a great favour to PTI.They will promise reversal of this measure and millions of the social media active persons will support them. This will augment PTI voters base.

  4. In a civilized country all the taxes are pròosed in the annual budget and bot afterward. Koee party court nahee jaati.kuch sharam hoti hai…..haya hoti hai….lekan kisi ko nahee aatee.saleem

  5. There is already a tax on telecommunication [email protected] 19%. This is charged on the amount of card or invoice. Any charge on the same would perhaps fall in the ambit of double taxation. The member of assembly should obtain details of tax collected by FBR and provincial governments on telecommunication and see if this is a case of double tax or not and then challenge it in appropriate forum.

    Secondly in the last year after budget, the ruling party should be restricted by law to tax outside the budget. The youth is the user of this services which is paid by parents and it is nature of an unannounced tax burden on them.

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