Time to move on?


No doubt the Champions Trophy is a feather in Pakistan’s cap that will stand out for some time to come. It represents not just the triumph of the lowest ranked, most ridiculed and, arguably, the least professional, side in the tournament against far better outfits, but also a feat of will. The players’ ability has not really changed over the last year or so – most of which saw them humbled and humiliated. But something happened after that first round thrashing at the hands of India.

Yes, the team was relatively inexperienced and boasted a dodgy track record at best. But, despite the checkered performance in the international environment, the boys had enough miles under their belt in the first class format to understand just what it took to bounce back at the unlikeliest of times. And they did that. Full marks for that. And the celebrations that followed are appreciated as well.

But don’t we go too far in parading the players on television programs, Ramzan special programs handing outUmra tickets, etc, day in and day out? Do we not forget in our euphoria – however well deserved – that the victory was, and continues to be, a deviation from the team’s known record? Shouldn’t we use this time to revamp the board and strengthen the team, rather than needlessly inflate them and set them up for another fall?