Women express concern over high rates of cosmetics


Women are concerned about the increased rates of cosmetics as well as high charges of beauty parlours ahead of Eid-ul-Fitar.

As only four to five days left in the festival, females are all concerned about increasing rates of beauty parlours and makeup products.

Makeup products are not a life dependency; however, everyone can use makeup according to their purchasing power but in the modern era women consider it as an important aspect of their personality.

A customer, Amna Malik, said 1 per cent tax on cosmetics supply is not a burden on anyone, but it is just a way of bringing beauty parlours under the tax net.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by endless rows of cosmetics at local stores but becomes difficult to enjoy these cosmetics within an appropriate budget, a woman said.

While purchasing cosmetics, a working woman, Aminah Saeed, said, “I am a passionate cosmetics lover, now I am bit concerned because I have been witnessing an increase in the rates of makeup products.”

A beauty salon owner Shazia said,” We have offered many beauty packages for our customers in Ramzan but ladies come near Eid to avail such offers, now we have to increase rates because of this new tax imposed on the cosmetic products.”

Another customer Anum Malik said, “On last Eid, in a package of 1500 we enjoyed good services that include facial, hair wash, haircut with blow-dry and pedicure but now in a package of 1800 they offered only facial and haircut with blow dry, which is quite expensive.”