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Francis Coppola to reboot Godfather with Sharif Family storyline

In a now deleted tweet, The Film Stage has revealed that Pakistan’s Chief Minister for Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was approached by American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola for a reboot of the Godfather franchise.

Coppola had earlier expressed his interest in a fourth installment in the series but cited creative block over lack of any developments.

Sources say that Coppola, an avid reader and consumer of world news, found Sharif Family’s undue tribulations in the wake of JIT investigations incredibly fascinating.

“The parallels were just too many too ignore” – he was quoted as saying, in the said tweet.

The parallel here is drawn of course with the fictional Corleone Family – an Italian-American philanthropist network operating in New York. Sharif Family is no stranger to matters of social service having dedicated its fortunes to the people of Pakistan. Coppola is said to have seen a poignancy underlining a Family’s resolve in tackling malicious forces bent on maligning its name.

“He has gone into a creative frenzy. I have never seen him work like this”, told his daughter Sofia Coppola.

Early impressions suggest that the new installment will be based around CM House in Lahore; the narrative is said to shift between the events of 1999 and present.

The CM, who initially appeared hesitant about the prospect, got on board when Coppola convinced him that “actors and politicians are in the same business” to which the CM enthused: “Yes! It’s strictly business.” He asked the filmmaker to keep a lid on the entire project.

The word is that CM is prepared to offer the most private thoughts and moments of the Sharif Brothers.

“My elder brother has a real fear of buying fruits by himself”, says the narrator in a short teaser which has now been removed from Youtube.

Members of PTI allege that expensive 3D scanning technology will be used to recreate the deceased Marlon Brando who will play Nawaz Sharif.

Shireen Mazari protested such use of public funds. “No CGI in Imran Khan Biopic? #Namanzoor”, read her tweet.

When asked to comment about the nature of the film, a spokesperson for Punjab govt. declined but hinted that there will be hats.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, a cultured bystander said, that few days ago when the traffic was restrained near the Federal Judicial Academy to clear way for Shahbaz Sharif’s protocol, as he was headed to speak before the JIT, the sound of a Nino Rota instrumental could be heard dimly emanating from all the vehicles.

Agencies have informed that Indian PM Narendra Modi has been trying to get Steven Speilberg on the phone ever since the news broke out.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.