Journalists stupid question on Pak-India game baffles Kholi


Dealing with the media after a high profile loss is what every captain dreads but things get worse when the person asking the question makes absolutely no sense.

Kohli had to face one such question while attending the official press conference following the crushing defeat against arch-rivals Pakistan on Sunday.

Kohli has already faced a series of torturing questions during the post-match presentation ceremony on India’s miserable innings against Pakistan. Now he had to attend an official press conference back at home.

During the press conference a journalist asked him, “You won the toss and got a wicket on the no-ball. Did you feel any pleasant moment in the match?”

Kohli had no clue of what the question meant so the journalist asked him again, further confusing the Indian captain.

“You got the wicket of a no-ball (Bumrah dismissed Fakhar of a no-ball). I think it’s a pleasant moment in the match. Did you think any pleasant more in the match?”

Kohli, with a smirk on his face, did his best to maintain his composure and made his best effort to reply.

“How can a no-ball be a pleasant moment for me?”. Kohli then turned to his media manager and asked if the question made any sense to which the official replied in the negative and moved on to the next journalist.