Today’s White Lies


Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif might have nothing in common. But they both are in the “three commas” club. That’s right, they’re both billionaires, as per the Election Commission of Pakistan’s recent data.

This has led to a lot of heartbreak amongst the grassroots workers of the political parties. What chance do they have at the top slots? Even basic berths in the provincial assemblies are now out of their reach, given how expensive the process of contesting elections has become.

Across the border, in India, the rich — and their proxies –might have started to populate the Lok and Vidhan Sabhas, but one does see many examples of those much lower on the ladder making it. Narinder Modi, a former tea-seller, might be revered as the prime minister but what many people are now forgetting is that the man has been in power (as Gujarat CM) since quite some time now. The monastic premiere of UP is another example.




Bullet-proof SUVs. They might be a necessity for some in these dangerous times but it also cannot be denied that they are increasingly a status symbol.

Many businessmen and television anchors are also in the fray now. The demand for these vehicles has gone so high that there are companies that now rent them out for those who want to have some of that daalamagic while they are about town.