ADORABLE! Images of Captain cool M S Dhoni calming down this cranky baby will make your day


Images of former India Captain, current Wicketkeeper and living legend M S Dhoni calming down a cranky Pakistani baby are making rounds on the internet with fans all over the world gushing at how well Dhoni manages to calm the baby down.

The moment was captured when a frustrated Sarfraz Ahmed was trying to handle the baby, which was making an enormous, inexplicable, and astounding ruckus for no reason whatsoever. Globally known as ‘captain cool’ for his temperament under tense situations, a dazed Sarfraz handed over the baby to his Indian counterpart causing the baby to stop its hollering.

The baby (whose name is suspected to be Aamer), had reportedly been very annoying for the Pakistan team and specifically the captain, not letting them enjoy their win because of his constant shouting and tantrums. Sarfraz was visibly relieved at Dhoni’s actions and seemed his usal smiling self later.

Social media users in all countries were amazed at the display of cross border friendship and simultaneously relieved that the baby had finally stopped making so much noise for no reason as the sound had been echoing all over the globe causing great strife and annoyance.