UFC agrees to deploy staff to referee Pak-India final


LONDON/LAS VEGAS – Historic rivals Pakistan and India are all set to face each other in the final of the Champions Trophy on Sunday. After miserably losing to India in the group stage Pakistan has made a remarkable comeback to reach the finals.

Tensions are always high when both nations – who have fought two wars in the past – face each other on the cricket field. Keeping in mind the rivalry ICC (International Cricket Council) CEO, Dave Richardson wrote to (Ultimate Fighting Champion) UFC owner William Morris Endeavor asking him to send professional referees to oversee all fights between the two sides on Sunday.

Speaking to Dependent Endeavor explained “we weren’t convinced about the necessity of sending our people at first but then one of my GM’s showed me this video on Youtube titled ‘all Pak-India fights’ by ShAaNi ViDzz after which no doubt was left in my mind that this match required our expertise”.

“It’s tough to call because with India you have the whole dietary restriction, no meat and all, but with Pakistan the issue is a lack of fitness, you saw what happened to Wahab and Amir in the last match”, speculated Conor McGregor, current UFC Lightweight Champion.

“All physical altercations during the match will be carried out in the Ice Hockey format and shall be mediated by UFC referees. Designated ‘cricket goons’ from each side will be revealed on the day of the match” read a joint presser released by ICC and UFC outlining the rules.

Both captains in a pre-match conference were asked about the development to which Kohli replied “bring it on” while Sarfaraz replied with a completely unrelated question inquiring whether anyone had seen ex-cricketer Aamir Sohail.