PML-N UC chairman booked for trying to cast fake votes


Nankana Sahib: During the polling for chairman district council in Nankana Sahib on Thursday a UC chairman named Rai Junaid Kharal has been apprehended for trying to cast a fake vote. The Chairman was asked to be searched after the opposition candidate Tahir Manzoor Gill told authorities that there were fake votes in the said chairman’s pocket. The PML-N chairman first refused to get searched and when he was searched by the authorities, they found two fake votes in his pocket.

Acting on the situation the presiding officer announced 15 days imprisonment and a 10,000 fine to the offender and he was sent to jail immediately.

It is important to note that after the incident the opposition candidate and his supporters had boycotted the election claiming that the ruling party was casting fake with complete support from the authorities.

Despite the authorities action the opposition side seemed unsatisfied and broke all barriers including heavy police deployment to reach the DCO office but was told to back-off by the opposition candidate which averted a possible hostile situation.

However, the result given by the presiding officer declares the ruling party’s candidate Malik Tahir as the winner with 51 votes whereas the opposition candidate managed to secure 30 votes.

Talking to Pakistan Today the opposition candidate Tahir Manzoor Gill said “the government had broken all records of rigging in yesterday’s election and we have ample amount of proof to justify our claims. We reject yesterdays election and will take the matter to court.”

This is not the first time there have been reports of rigging in district boday election as in the last election a video had surfaced on the social media in which a PML-N women member of the district council was caught trying to take a slip inside the voting room which she was supposed to attach with the vote. The video can be seen below