NAB initiates initial inquiry against its corrupt officials


The director general of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated initial inquiry against the officials of the bureau who are allegedly involved in the corruption and minting money from the business of real estate.

On condition not to be named, sources said that the (NAB) director general has advised to launch an initial inquiry into the corruption of NAB officials. At present, the complaint verification (CV) process is underway. And further action against the NAB officials will be taken as per the findings of the inquiry, it said.

According to details, the NAB director general had received a complaint on March 2, 2017, about the corruption of the officials of the bureau. The complainant without mentioning name pointed out that these officials while working in a group have allegedly been involved in corruption, black mailing, land grabbing for a housing society, closing corruption cases against the management of the housing societies etc.

The complainant also asked the director general to investigate the assets of these corrupt officials from a neutral but powerful committee to ascertain the facts of their corruption. As per complaint, few officials including a director, deputy director and an assistant director of the NAB are allegedly involved in illegal activities. The deputy director is the front man of this group.

These officials while using their NAB designations are minting money from the real estate business in Rawalpindi and federal capital. Sharing details, the complainant disclosed that they have taken several plots as bribe from the management of the Jinnah Garden and disposed of the inquiry against their frauds.

Though members of the Jinnah Garden Phase-II have deposited millions of rupees with the management, however, there is land available at site for the Phase-II. Also, many applications have been submitted with the bureau but justice is so far denied as all cases disposed of. According to the complaint, the deputy director has taken many residential and commercial plots in the name of his relatives as kickbacks which can be verified from the society’s record.

Similarly, the deputy director along with his partners have played role in disposing of the corruption cases of various housing societies including the Capital Enclave, Services Society E-11 etc. He is also a partner with CBR Housing Society head and he has allegedly earned hefty amount from the Gulberg Society of Islamabad.

The need is to investigate the CBR Housing Society to ascertain the facts about the illegal property of the NAB officials in the real estate business. Moreover, the complainant who is a female without mentioning her name and designation also alleged that the NAB deputy director, who is currently posted in Peshawar, is used to blackmail her.


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