‘Team played well’ only remaining explanation as Pakistan reluctantly accept responsibility for win


CARDIFF – Pakistan cricket team has reluctantly embraced their run of successive wins that has helped them reach the Champions Trophy final for the first time in history, after there were no remaining explanations for their victory other than the fact that they played well, The Dependent has learnt.

After winning what for all intents and purposes was their third straight knockout contest, the Pakistan team were seen accepting responsibility after the match in a team huddle orchestrated by captain Sarfraz Ahmed.

“Yes, we’ve done it. Come on!” shouted Sarfraz as the team jumped up and down in the dressing room, after Mohammed Hafeez hit the winning runs. “This is all us, nobody else. This is us!” he further yelled.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s two previous wins in the competition against South Africa were attributed to reasons not in Pakistan’s control.

South African choking, acknowledged by captain A B De Villiers, was declared the Man of the Match in the contest, while Sri Lankan fielding proved to be the differential and also earned a name for itself after being formally inducted as Pakistan’s best emerging talent.

On Sunday Pakistan would take on India or Bangladesh, with former captains of Pakistan hoping that the latter win so that they don’t have to look any further to explain Pakistan’s success.