What are we eating?



In all fairness, Punjab Food Authority is doing lot of good service by ensuring provision of healthy, hygienic and fit for human consumption food items by raiding manufacturers and suppliers’ outlets and ensuring these eatables are manufactured in good, neat, clean and healthy atmosphere.

Reports about Food Authority’s raid on the only egg powder manufacturing unit in Punjab at Manga Mandi the other day must have sent off alarms among the people who – along with their children – consume eggs and baked items containing eggs as essential component.

This surely is a big achievement of the authority which is ruthlessly conducting raids all around to ensure the people are not provided adulterated food items, rotten fruit, milk and the locations in which food items are manufactured are as per hygienic conditions.

While the authority is continuing its good work, the people at large are advised to keep themselves updated with the raids being conducted by the authority almost every in Lahore and elsewhere in the province to know as to what they are consuming and whether the products are fit for human consumption at al or not.