The plight of pensioners


The economic survey revealed by the worthy finance minister presents a rosy picture of the economy. The ruling party members make tall claims that country is finally on the road to peace and prosperity. Given this hype, the media raised hopes of government servants, pensioners, and workers for substantial increase in their pay and pension. Unfortunately, the finance minister dashed the hopes of the most on the rock of politics. He raised the salaries of government servant by 10% after amalgamation of ad-hoc allowances. This raise compensated the serving employees to some extent, but completely ignored those who retired back 10 years or more. The retirees of 1970 and before were worst hit by 10% increase as their pay and the time of retirement was very low. Subsequently, the pay and gains of government servants were enhanced without making any change in pay of retirees, whose pensions were not increased for many years. These senior pensioners’ workers and poor deserve special attention of government and national assembly members. They might be very small in numbers, but are most deserving and in need of financial support. To help this small and old segment of society live a respectable life, the government may enhance their pension by 50%. Given that pre-1970 retirees are in very small numbers, such raise would have little impact on the financial bottom, but it will go a long way in improving the quality of life of old pensioners.