Abducted Chinese nationals were ‘preaching something in Sanskrit’: Nisar


ISLAMABAD – The two perceived Chinese nationals abducted from Quetta last month, Lee Zing Yang, 24, and Meng Li Si, 26, were involved in ‘preaching something in Sanskrit’ Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan informed a high level meeting today.

It was not immediately clear what the interior ministry suspected them of ‘preaching’.

“We don’t know what they were preaching, but we can tell you the language that they were using and also where they were from,” Nisar told the meeting. “We don’t know who they were preaching either, but we can tell you those people that are being preached are the enemies of Pakistan.”

After the briefing, the Interior Minister ordered an initial review, followed by regulation and the streamlining of the transcript where the Sanskrit would be translated into Urdu, English and Punjabi and released on YouTube.

Nisar expressed his displeasure at the laxity shown in granting visas by Pakistani missions abroad. “How could Sanskrit be mistaken for Mandarin?” he asked the high level meeting today. “How will we secure our state if we can’t even tell the very basic difference between friends and enemies from the neighbourhood?”

The Interior Minister also gave clues to the relevant authorities as to what kind of people they should be looking out for.

“Those who talk like us, look like us, and conduct themselves like us, are the enemies and those who are complete strangers to us in every apparent way are the friends,” he concluded.