Eid: Ready-made outfits popular among women


The trendy, colourful ‘ready to wear’ outfits, having coloured patterns, stylish stitching and unique designs, are getting popular among young women who want to stand out on Eid amongst their friends.

One of the major factors behind the popularity of the ready to wear dresses is the time.

The women folk either working or going to colleges and universities, find it convenient to buy the readymade garments which are stylish and trendy, instead of spending days in the market to select the cloth and design, then running after the tailors to get it stitched in time.

High stitching rates and an excessive crowd also make it difficult for the tailors to stitch clothes on time, moreover, risks of mistakes by tailors are other factors that made ready-made garments a norm of the day.

Amna Saeed, a college student, told APP that last year the average rate for the stitching of a simple suit was Rs600 but this year it is over Rs800.

Some demand Rs1000 to Rs1500 per suit depending upon the design of the suit, she added. I will go for a ready-made suit for Eid as well, she informed.

Sadia Islam, a working woman, said, “I have started visiting markets to buy an exclusive dress for this Eid. I found many good dresses of different brands; they used good quality fabric and eye-catching designs in their Eid collection”.

A school teacher Sidra Aziz said, “I prefer to buy ready-made dresses rather than getting them stitched.”

“Tailors take at least a week’s time to deliver. I get to choose ready-made garments from a variety of places,” she said.

A tailor, Khalid Ahmed, was of the opinion that “Load shedding has also reduced the production, so I have hired extra staff to complete orders in time and for that, we had to increase the stitching rates but people do not understand our problems”, he said.

“In the holy month the working hour of every person reduces but tailors are supposed to do extra work,” he added.