Tom Cruise says making movies better than vacation


Don’t tell Tom Cruise to slow down. The action movie star says making movies is better than taking a vacation.

Cruise, 54, known for doing most of his own stunts, is back on screen this week in adventure The Mummy, the latest reboot of the ancient Egyptian-inspired horror film series first seen in 1932.

In September, Cruise will be out promoting American Made, a crime thriller about a drug runner in the 1980s. Mission: Impossible 6 is also filming and Cruise is in pre-production on a long-awaited sequel to the 1986 fighter pilot movie Top Gun that made him an international star.

“I just love movies, period. And I love to entertain an audience. And I give it everything that I possibly can and I never take anything for granted,” Cruise said at Tuesday’s New York red carpet premiere for The Mummy. “Some people say, don’t you want a vacation? It’s like, for me, making films is a vacation because I love doing it,” he said.
The new, stunt-packed The Mummy, opening worldwide this week, tells the tale of an ancient princess who is awakened from her crypt and unleashes malevolence on the modern world.

“We pay homage to all (the other movies), but really its roots stem from that 1932 film in terms of classic composition and somewhat of the tone,” Cruise said. “The film does have a tremendous amount of adventure but it has great scares also. It has some humour in it and romance. But definitely, in all of these monsters were going to pay our respects to the original monster films.”


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