You won’t be in Indian cricket team forever, Nehal Hashmi warns Virat Kohli



Former PML(N) member and current senator Nehal Hashmi has warned Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli that he better be more circumspect in his actions as circumstances can change very quickly.


“Maybe it is because he is young or it is because he cannot handle the fame and attention that comes with being the Indian cricket team captain,” said Hashmi, emotionally, at a small corner meeting. “but he doesn’t know what is good for him.”


“If he doesn’t learn the error of his ways, we, the followers and workers of Nawaz Sharif will make sure that this very earth is short of space to accommodate him and his team,” he said.


“Displaying some good athleticism which results in a titillating match is one thing, but completely destroying the Pakistani team is nothing short of disrespect,” he continued.


“You think I can’t get to you? Let me just tell you that I have associates who do this sort of stuff for me,” he said. “If I just call out a job on you, one of my guys in Mumbai will make sure you sleep with the fishes tonight!”


“What have I done to deserve such disrespect?”