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Water reservoir to be constructed at Ravi bank

A water reservoir at the bank of River Ravi is going to be constructed in order to supply clean drinking water to Lahorites for which an amount of Rs 5 billion has been allocated. This year Rs 250 million are being spent to initiate this scheme near the adjacent area of Ravi river.

This was informed by the Punjab Irrigation Minister Amanat Ullah Khan Shadi Khel while presiding over a departmental meeting here today.

The minister said that the construction of the allied structures on River Ravi for augmenting and supplying drinking water to Lahore metropolitan area was a far awaited project which is now in progress. He further told that the ground water table has gone down due to increasing urbanisation and a shortage of water in the river in the Lahore city. This alarming situation, eh said, requires urgent policy and steps in order to prevent the dearth of water in the city.

In this way the Punjab government decided to construct a water reservoir near the city so as to ensure underground water quality and improve its quantity. He said that the project is being started while keeping in view the future needs of the citizens of Lahore.

Amanat Ullah ShadiKhel also said that the irrigation budget for the next fiscal year is 41 billion rupees and includes a number of major irrigation and drainage schemes for the province including a 26 billion Jalal pur Irrigation system and the construction of the Kas Umer Khan canal costing that will cost Rs. 2.5 billion.

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