PCB discontinues agreement with ACB on Afghan League



Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has withdrawn on Friday the no objection certificate (NOC) for the Afghan League, which is to be held in July.

The two countries had conjointly decided that 10 Pakistani cricketers would take part in the league.

Moreover, the PCB also barred all the cricketers and officials from participating or attending the Afghan League.

The decision comes after Afghanistan cancelled suggested home and away cricket matches with Pakistan after 90 people were killed in a deadly bomb attack that hit the country’s capital Kabul on Wednesday.

“The ACB hereby cancel all kinds of cricket matches and initial mutual relationship agreement with the Pakistan Cricket Board,” the Afghan board had said on its Facebook page.

Pakistan were to play their first Twenty20 match in Kabul later this year in what was seen as an opportunity for the neighbors to ease tensions over border tussles and alleged proxy warfare.

A fixture in Pakistan and a full series would have followed the Kabul match, set for July or August, at an undetermined date.

On Thursday, PCB had issued a statement rejecting the “baseless allegations leveled by Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) in the wake of the tragic Kabul blast.”

“While our sympathies are with the victims and families affected by the tragedy, we reject the irresponsible statement made by the ACB and hereby announce the cancellation of the proposed series between the two countries,” the statement read.

On May 27, the relations between the two neighboring countries seemed to improve after Chairman PCB Shahryar Khan had announced two T20 matches and a bilateral cricket series in a joint press conference with Chairman Afghan Cricket Board (ACB) Atif Mashal.

“Pakistan and Afghanistan will play two T20 matches and a bilateral cricket series,” Khan had said, stating that the PCB is on good terms with the ACB.

However, the new move seeks to intensify tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan.