Two Kashmiri youth killed in fresh attacks by Indian police


Srinagar: Indian martyred two more Kashmiri youth in fresh attacks in Indian Held Kashmir, according to Kashmir media service. 

According to the latest report, Indian troops have martyred 28 Kashmiris during the month of May and at least three of those were killed in different fake encounters.

Due to these killings at least nine women were widowed and 33 children orphaned.

According to the same report, 945 people were injured due to the firing of bullets, pellets and teargas shells by Indian troops, paramilitary and police personnel on peaceful protesters including students while 367 persons including Hurriyet activists and students were arrested during house raids and crackdown operations.

The troops also damaged 120 residential houses and disgraced 59 women during the month.


  1. Terrorist are got to be kiiled. Same forces served Kashmiris during flood and other natural calamities with our caring for theirs lives. When they are being fired then they has the right to save theirs lives and protect integrity of the country .

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