PM Nawaz – a test of statesmanship


PM Nawaz Sharif is the constitutionally elected PM of Pakistan and a seasoned politician who should be conversant with letter and spirit of the constitution, whose oath he has taken to uphold and protect.

The threatening posture and tone of some his supporters, ever since Supreme Court started hearing Panama Case is doing more harm to him than the scathing criticism done by his vocal opposition. With loyalists like Nahal Hashmi, Daaniyaal Aziz, Abid Sher or the duo set of Khawaja ministers in his cabinet, PM Nawaz does not need his enemies to inflict harm and taint his image. What purpose do these statements serve other than giving credence to Justice Asif Saeed Khosa’s judgement and his reference to Mario Puzo’s Godfather.

No individual is indispensable and proof of this lies in the billions that lie buried in graveyards. Change of individuals in role of leadership is an inbuilt part of democracy and when time comes, one must bow out with grace.




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